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I am what I am
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blackbooks by gambits_rogue
Just realised I never told you all about my meeting with the fabulous John Barrowman (I say meeting when in fact it took the guise of a two second photo - but still I felt we had a connection) He is very pretty and somehow (don't ask me how) but I managed to not turn myself into a gibbering wreck (again only two seconds long but that is time enough for me to usually drool on myself or pee or do other things on myself) Anyways the Panto was hilarious, John is adorable and I shall post pictures up as soon as I figure how to connect the camera to the computer (Yes I understand its with a USB thingy but at the moment I am having trouble functioning as I'm staying with Laura everyone's gone away and we have no tea bags.)

We'd go to the shop but it is raining. Though we do plan to brave it in order to go to the cinema, get hair dye and get booze. We will then re enact what happened last time we tried to dye Laura's hair while drinking (Hair dye everywhere, booze everywhere, Laura's friends collapsed everywhere and me - the responsible one - putting in a red hair dye while not using any gloves.)

In other news next month I travel to Nice to look at some lovely castles for the wedding and the following month we go to Barcelona to again look at lurvely castles for the wedding.

Never mind trying to narrow down a venue - we're trying to narrow down a country!!

Anyways thats long enough for me - anymore and people might get the impression that I'm a sociable type of person.

Back into my cave I go.

I might see you all again in the summer!
24th-Nov-2005 07:37 am(no subject)
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
I feel like shite...my eyes keep leaking and my head is foggy. Plus I have to go out for dinner with la familia tonight which is usually something i lurve to do but i know after work all i'm going to want to do is crawl into bed :(
20th-Nov-2005 06:02 pm(no subject)
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
Sinéad is happy because Sinéad bought herself a very groovy new PC...its so fast steam comes out of it :)
12th-Nov-2005 03:58 pm(no subject)
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
Got woken up this morning by my dog jumping on my head and licking my face... It was his way of saying "I'm hungry!!!" Having a lurvely lazy Saturday which has included - Lost, Arrested Development, Supernatural, Prison Break and pretty soon the O.C.

I'm not going anywhere today :)
2nd-Nov-2005 07:38 pm - Update..
Daffyd - herogrrl
Prison Break rocks like something that rocks a lot. Supernatural is also v. good but have only seen the first eppy which scared the beejaysus out of myself and Yvonne. Still in recovery from the weekend which was fantastic - peeps got here Friday at eight and left Sunday morning at twelve.

And because I was drinking Friday, Saturday and Sunday my IBS is currently smacking me around the head and stomach. Owiieee....

Back to bed for me - am having an Angel marathon at the mo cause the Vonner lent me Seasons 1 - 3.

I miss Doyle.

Manchester = 1 month from today.

29th-Oct-2005 02:05 am - ouch
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
very dery druniks

friends good, john happy adn now me abe sleepy
24th-Oct-2005 08:37 pm - Dude...
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
Grant and Phil are back in Eastenders and I got a bit too excited about it :( Its all cause I lurve Ross Kemp!!
18th-Oct-2005 06:58 pm - Swear to god..
boyhug by dreamlike_icons
I will do a proper update one of these days but at the moment I'm exhausted and overly hormonal.

That is all.

Am going back to my Prison Break marathon.
12th-Oct-2005 11:54 pm - Exhausted...
boyhug by dreamlike_icons

Will update more tomorrow when I have energy :)
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